Not Just For the Girls

Learn a new skill and maybe have some fun in the process.

Jungle Flowers Dublin offers workshops & courses in floristry and flower arranging all in a comfortable and friendly environment.I’ve been incorporating flowers into our daily lives for 20 years now, many styles have come and gone. I find people are more design conscious these days and prefer something less traditional. It doesn’t have to be difficult with a few tips and tricks.My style is very practical, simple, functional and above all eye-catching. This is why I decided to start this school and pass my skills on to you. I choose to teach small groups and no special tools or equipment are used which makes it a perfect class for the home-maker, hobbyist or gardener. I will teach you some simple tips and tricks with amazing results. I hold the classes here in our shop where you will be most inspired by our displays and newly decorated shop.



If you would like to join me for an evening of creativity and relaxation and you will also be allowed to take your creations home with you to enjoy! please contact me in the shop to book your place….